Teresa Floyd Portrait | Now, Forager | Teresa Floyd Photography

 Welcome to Now, Forager.

Hello, I’m Teresa, a Kansas City based pastry chef turned freelance photographer and food writer. Originally, I found myself honing my styling and pastry techniques in professional kitchens around the country and in time began to incorporate them with my love for photography. Today, you can find me strolling through the local farmer’s market, in search of beautiful seasonal foods. I love to capture their beauty and even more adding them into my favorite pastries to enjoy and share with others.

Now, Forager is a place for me to share these seasonal pastry creations. Each season brings to life new ingredients and an opportunity to find creative ways to use them. A constant inspiration for us to learn and grow. Working with food has been a meaningful part of my professional and personal life. Food brings community. It sets us on common ground. It sustains us and it bonds us. As I go out into the world, foraging for my sustenance, I would love for you to join me. It is my privilege to share these recipes, so thank you for being here. 

As a contributing editor to feedfeed, an online cooking publication and network connecting people who love to cook, I’d love for you to join me there to view all the current seasonal recipes being curated daily. 

I am available for freelance work as a food photographer, food writer and for recipe development. Please feel free to contact me through the form provided on my contact page.